Matheson Lake Circuit

Magnificant Mirror-Lake Views. 1.5 hour circuit in which you'll enjoy every step of the way.

The lake Matheson Circuit: Complete the lake circuit (1 hour 30 mins)

To experience incredible mountain views, take the track over the Clearwater suspension bridge and past the tall Rimu and Kahikatea trees. Pass the jetty viewpoint to see our magnificent mountains reflected on the waters of the lake."

Lake Matheson is well known for its mirror-like reflections because of the fallen leaves getting into the water and turning the water dark brown.

When you leave the jetty, and make your way around the lake, you will discover many opportunities to view reflections shrouded in native foliage. Stop at the top end of the lake, and Reflection Island, to witness spectacular viewing.

While you are exploring the trail, be on the look-out for eels. The long-finned eel is very common around here and often breaks the surface of the lake.

Getting to Lake Matheson Circuit

From Fox Glacier township, follow Cook Flat Road out of town and turn down the side road to Lake Matheson.

Things to know in advance

Rapid weather changes occur in this area. Please research weather forecasts, and be prepared for changing conditions.

It's always smart to carry plenty of water, repellent for insects and sunscreen.

Camping is prohibited

Play to hear the sounds of the Lake Matheson Walkway

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